shabby blooms

Monday, April 4, 2011

Trying Out a First Post

This is a blanket that I am working on.  I have changed it from my original plan.  I got frustrated with it and had to put it aside for awhile.

I am so excited to start a blog.  My mom and I have been talking about starting a blog together for awhile now, and I finally sat down and attempted to start it.  There are so many inspiring blogs that I love to visit, and I am finally joining the blogging community.  Okay here it goes...

Hugs to all


  1. Hello Rene and her Mom :) Welcome to the club :)
    I'm gonna add your blog to my reader list!
    Have a beautiful evening and thank you for your visit today!

  2. Hello you two. I only started blogging in January. I had no idea it was even "out there"!!! I'm still learning but have now got over 20 followers so I must be doing something right!! I hope you ave a lot of pleasure blogging, but be aware it can become very addictive!!
    I hope you will have tome to take a look at mine.
    I have added my name to your followers list