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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Scavenger Hunt June 2011

1.  A Childhood Memory
Raggedy Andy and Raggedy Ann, I've had these probably about as long as I can remember.  So they are around 39 years old.  I used to take them apart and play with them.  I was going to take them apart to photograph them until I looked at the shape of the hands, the stitches and fabric are wearing out, so I decided to leave them together.  Hugging is nice!!

2.  A Farm Animal
I love this goat.  He gave me such a hard time when I tried to take his picture.  Every time I would walk toward him, he would turn and walk the other way.  This was zoomed way in.  I think he looks like he is smiling.
3.  A Wheel Trim
This is the best looking wheel trim on my truck.
4.  An Elephant
This is my second time trying to photograph this elephant statue, and I just can't seem to get a better picture.  It is a metal elephant that I found packed up in our stuff.  It had some rust on it, and so you might be able to see where I scrubbed the rust off, and that is when I realized it was made out of metal.

5. Architectural Detail
This was taken at a park in Northern Virginia.  The top pictures are the log cabin and the bottom picture is of the barn.  It was neat because some of the buildings you could go inside.

6.  Cheese
Theres a heart shape in my swiss cheese!
7.  Cutlery
This is my favorite set of silverware that my mom has.  I have always loved the design.

8.  Night
Here are my night photos.  This was taken from my husband's hopital room (He was in the hospital for some expedited tests {which all turned out good}).  His window overlooked a little court yard with benches, trees, bushes.  The top picture is a close up of an illuminated tree.  In the second picture you can see the illuminated tree and some other lights on the other side of the building.  I tried to take picture of the lit up business and the traffic lights, but all that looked like was little dots!!
9.  Something beginning with Z
This is a Leaf Zipper-Pull and the zipper of a leather bag embellished with flowers.  I use it to keep my extra crochet hooks in.

10.  Something with your Town's Name on it
Here is one of our city's water towers with the city and state on it.
11.  The View Right outside your door.
This is the view right outside our front door.  I'm afraid it is not the loveliest view, but it is our view.  The tree has since been trimmed.  It had branches hanging from a storm.

 12.  Tree Branches
There were so many pictures to choose from, but I really like this picture.  Now here is the story behind it.

No Honey, I don't know why it is taking our baby so long to learn how to fly.
 Here is the baby resting on the leaves in my grandma's flower garden, right below the fence above.

Okay dear, let me get a closer look.

Yes, here is still resting on the leaves.
Let me fly in for a closer look, son, lets go we must get back to the nest.  This is where the story ends.  Went back in the house with the baby still resting.  The next day the mommy and daddy cardinal were again flying all over our back yard showing there baby how to fly!!!!

Already seen the list for next month, can't wait to start taking pictures.

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  1. Very interesting photos. The Cardinal male is so red, he's glorious.
    Anne xx

  2. Great photos Rene. The veiw outside your door is lovely. I love the wide road and space round the houses. Homes are generally more squashed together in the U.K.
    Jacquie x

  3. The goat photo is hilarious!
    Lisa x

  4. Great photos! I love this little assignment each month as it has introduced me to so many new bloggers!

  5. Rene! I'm in Virginia too! I'm in Chesterfield, just outside of Richmond. I was in your neck of the woods a couple of weeks ago, taking pictures! Hi "almost neighbor"! LOL I like your goat photo too! (Just like those who've already commented.) I'm not a native Virginian...originally from CA...moved here seven years ago. Cardinals were my greatest thrill when we arrived here. I LOVE the male's vibrancy...and I think the females are just adorable! Now that I have gold finches in my yard, I have a hard time deciding upon my favorite! I really loved your architectural detail set of photos...informative and wonderful. My hubby and I love to wander the Blue Ridge Parkway (especially in the Fall). Have a good one! Annette

  6. I'm loving that goat!! How cute is he!?!

  7. Great photos, that goat is so funny. ~x~