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Monday, June 27, 2011

Sewing Project, tshirt yarn, large granny blanket, and Grandma's garden

Here is the shirt yarn I made this evening.  Have more shirts, my hands couldn't take any more tonight do to arthritis.  The first shirt didn't curl, but I was so happy when the second one did, however I kept doing something wrong, or the seam came undone and I ended up with several instead of one long piece.  Not bad I guess for the first try!!  Seen Bunny Mummy's t-shirt yarn and followed the link from her blog on how to make the t-shirt yarn.

 I am going to join Angie from Lemonde Sucrette in making a large granny blanket.  This is one we had around the house.  It is 108 rounds and is the size of a good lap blanket.  I had to take the picture of it folded in half, then still couldn't get the whole blanket in.  I even stood on a two step stool and still was too close.

 Above are the pieces to a sewing project I'm attempting.  I am hand sewing it together.  I have always wanted to learn to sew on a sewing machine, however, my mom's sewing machine does not like me.  I used to sit down and try to sew something, it would jam and go grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  My mom would sit down and it would sew, I say okay mom let me sit down and sew, her machine says ggggrrrrrrrr.  I am going to learn to hand sew.  With practice I will get better at it.

 The two above pieces are the pocket.  the first one is on the back of the pocket.  EEEKK, you can see my stitches.  I made a mistake and had to sew the back on right side out.  At least this project is for me.  It is something to organize some of my craft items.

 Sunflower.  Love them.  When I took the picture I didn't realize how many blooms it had on with the one that is open.  I wasn't too close.  I zoomed in 16X, couldn't really get close to it, and the bugs are terrible.
 These are flowers growing in a trash can.  My grandma calls them lady slippers, but I don't know the correct name of them.  I like them very much, except that bees love them, and I do not love bees up close.
 See did I mention bees, I was holding this flower because my mom said it was a shy sunflower because it was facing the fence, so I turned it around.  As I was taking the picture the bee landing on it.  I panicked because I didn't know how I was going to let go of the flower without making the bee angry.  I ended up letting the flower go really fast and it didn't phase the bee thank goodness!!
 Here is a mutant Black Eyed Susan.  The bees must have cross pollenated with on of the other flowers.  I had another picture of it with the "Regular" Suzies, but it is not here, I will try to add that in a minute.
Yes, I got that picture added, the reason it didn't show up was I forgot to download it, ooppps.  I will get the hang of this blogging someday.
 This is a curtain tie back that I made from a pattern I found on the web, I don't recall where it came from at the moment.  But it is a lovely pattern.  These is a lovely flannel flat sheet that I cut in half and made two curtains, with quite a bit of material still left.  They are pushed together in the middle.  The colorfull parts of the crochet flowers are made from mohair.

 Grape tomatoes that my grandma grew from seeds of some tomatoes that we bought one year.
 Cherry tomatoes also grown from seeds from a previous years tomatoes.  We're going have tomatoes to eat very soon, can't wait.

Well better get going, going to try to add that other picture.

Talk again soon,

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  1. Hi Rene, Wow there is so much lovely stuff in this post !! I think your curtain tie backs are gorgeous...been thinking of trying these myself :0)
    Your flowers are stunning but your bees do look pretty scary !
    Well done with the T.shirt yarn it looks great and I'm looking forward to seeing how your giant granny turns out .
    Jacquie x