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Thursday, September 1, 2011

August Scavenger Hunt Photos

Thank you Kathy for hosting this fun.  You can see more scavenger hunt photos here, scroll down for august because there are two months of linkys together.

 Here are my August Scavenger Hunt Photos.  I really had a hard time with several of the words.  I had to use some creative interpretations.  I am really looking forward to Septembers list.  I think finding most of the pictures will not be as difficult as this months list for me.

1.  a boat-- a cute figurine with two removable bears in it.  The boy bear is serenading the girl bear.

2.  a fountain--I wanted to find a fountain that was surrounded by stone, I know I have seen them, but could not think of where to find such fountain, so had to go with this, pass this several times a week generally in my travels.

3.  a Picnic--above I set up a picnic inside, due to Hurricane Irene (with fake food, plastic strawberries, and a wax apple)  This is a picnic set that I picked up at a thrift store or yard sale some time ago. It has plastic plates, plastic cups, metal silverware, table cloth and matching napkins, it all stores inside a zip-up backpack looking bag.  Below just for fun a Yankee Candle figurine of an Ant Picnic.

4.  Sports--This was the best I could think of.  These are my husband's (the soccer one) and his brother's (the baseball one) wall hangers from when they were kids.

5.  Bread--I like this plate, of the farmer preparing the wheat so the bread can be made.  My mom made tea bread the other day, but I wasn't thinking about pictures at that time.  I chopped up some dates today to make another tea bread, but did not accomplish the making the bread part yet.

6.  Fabric--here is a small sampling of material.  I forgot to take the material picture and was fixing up my pictures when I had to stop and add this picture to it.

7.  market--did not get an opportunity to get a market photo.  This is a picture of a cover of a book I read recently about a Flower Market.

8.  mountains--there are not mountains in our immediate area, so the first thing that popped into my head was either mountains of yarn or laundry.  Instead is a small mountain of started works in progress (wip), today I was trying to get yarn in order that goes with above projects, especially my giant granny for the cal.

9. a festival or funfair--this is a trivet of a Sicilian Cart Festival from Taormina when we lived in Italy in the 70's.

10.  something ancient--TEAC Cassette player, this is all one piece but I had to take it in two shots.  I was also going to take a picture of a record player (which alot of people do not even know what that is anymore), but I couldn't get to that.

11.  something bizarre--this is a hand made sculpture, it is interestingly bizarre to me.

12.  street food--a hotdog vendor, this is when I like bighugelabs photo fun, the hot dog vendor is my picture, but the 5 people are part of a billboard set-up.



  1. interesting phots - and good thinking for something ancient!

  2. love your mountains of work in progress , the colours are great

  3. I love your crochet mountain and the Italian trivet - a very interesting set of pictures, thanks.