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Friday, August 26, 2011

Watching for Hurricane Irene and added pink saturday pics at the bottom

Watching for Irene, waterfront Portsmouth

Watching for Irene from a Park in Portsmouth, VA

Watching for Irene, checking the water, still looking pretty calm, I think the tide was just starting to come in as we were leaving the park.  Couple people out on boats in the river.  We have not yet had rain despite the dark looking clouds, saying on the weather probably not until about 9 pm for the beginning rainfall.

Still watching for Irene on the way home from the park.  I'll try and take pictures tomorrow of the sky after the hurricane gets here.

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Everybody on the East Coast, Stay safe.

To add to Pink Saturday, while getting ready for Hurricane Irene, I noticed a beautiful pink sky, ran in to get my camera.  Don't know if we will have internet tomorrow, I'll check back if we do.  To see many more beautiful pink pictures click here and visit Beverly

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  1. Wonderful collection of sky and cloud pictures - something good out of something bad, huh?