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Monday, August 15, 2011

Cooking and Baking Day

Today I wanted to share some cooking and baking that I did, now it is old information as it was done on August 6.  This is really the first chance I've had time to make a long post.  Hope this is not boring, but I love seeing some of the food posts on various blogs and I took pictures while making this meal.  Before I continue let me just state, I never claim to be a neat cook, and that goes double when I bake.

First I had to chop up two (well, one and a half) heads of cabbage, I saved the other half to boil.

I think three onions plus one red onion got sliced, not by me, I started out but quickly couldn't see to do the job, so had to seek out some help.  I sauteéd them myself : ) They are looking good, I really like cooked onions.

Then I hunted out some celery, couldn't use a few of the outer pieces, but still had plenty for what I was making.

Next I had to add some diced tomatoes, I chose the ones with out seasoning because those they do not add sugar to (thats okay, I'm adding seasoning in a minute)

Always use the recipe secrets for this meal, but this is the first time I tried the bullion, next time I will stick to what I usually use which is container chicken broth.

Next I must add some liquid...the above top is just water, 8 cups I believe, then added vegetable juice 48 ounces I think.  By now you probably know that this meal is going to be soup.  Cabbage soup to be exact.

waiting for the soup to finish cooking

One more check before dishing it up for dinner.

Very good, I hadn't had this meal in ages, my husband requested it.

While this was cooking I had 2 zuchinni to use, so I found a recipe for zuchinni cupcakes.  I got distracted and didn't get to take many in between pictures which you might be thinking (Good!!)

The first cup is how much I needed for one batch of the zuchinni cupcakes, the second cup is 3/4 cup of what I needed, so I reduced the recipe (not an easy job to reduce by 3/4's for me)

Next time I make these I will change 2 things, I will cook all batches in cupcake tins (the bread did not turn out quite as well as the cupcakes) and I will run the zuchinni through the food processor before adding.  It tasted delicious, but the look of it I think will be more appealing.

While the cupcakes and bread was baking, I took the parts the recipe didn't call for (peel off the green and the seeds) so in the frying pan this went with a little olive oil to be lunch for me and my husband.

They were so good, they only lasted 2 days I believe, between 5 people.

So I know this is slightly out of order in a way.  I made the cabbage soup first, then the cupcakes/bread, then the sauteéd zuchinni.  However they were eaten in a different order.  Zuchinni for lunch, had to test a cupcake after lunch.  Cabbage soup for dinner, and cupcake for dessert.

Today I hope to be back with some more posts, I know I said that the other day, but it didn't happen.


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