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Monday, August 15, 2011

Pink Saturday A Little Late

Thank You Beverly for hosting Pink Saturday. 
This is a very special pink saturday because it is reveal day for Charlie's Miracle Makeover.  Pink Saturday will remain open for linking through midnight August 18th. Your links and comments will continue to generate more donations toward the next Miracle Makeover through the 18th.  Please visit Beverly's blog to find other participating blogs helping to raise money for this wonderful cause.

This is one of my teddy bears modeling a scarf and hat set, this one was one amoung many that was made for a charity that my mom supports. I was waiting, and waiting for this pink saturday and then it got away from me.

I have many blessings, and I use my gifts from God, to give back to people thru different charities.



  1. It is never too late for participating in this worthy cause. Your pink show was perfect. Just be sure to comment as many times as you like on Beverly's to help raise money.

  2. Fantastic Post. Just love your bear and crocheting for causes!

    You are Design Angels with Crocheted Wings!

    Thank-you for helping with your kind words!

    In Gratitude!

    Kelee & Charlie

  3. The scarf and hat set is absolutely adorable. Thank-you for supporting the miracle makeover blog party on your blog. You're truly a blessing to the DGB Team and the Grady Family.

    Thanks for the difference you have made in the world.

    Sherry, The DGB Team