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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Another Wonderful Pink Saturday

Thank you Beverly for hosting Pink Saturday, I'm so glad for the success of last weeks Miracle Makeover.  I was so glad to be able to participate. Here's my pink, I wanted to use pink material for the background, but had to settle for pink paper instead.
A beautiful clock with pink roses on it, two bunches of grapes made from shades of pink, and a cute girl with a bunny figurine of my mom's that I have always adored.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Pink weekend!
(you weren't supposed to catch a glimpse of the 70's wallpaper at the top of the photo, when enlarged you can see it, or maybe it is just noticeable to me, because I know it is there, I sat on the floor to take the picture and I thought I had held the camera at a good angle.)


  1. This is a very beautiful and unique piece! Reminds me of things to be found in my pink and white bedroom when I was a young girl. Visiting from Beverly's Pink Saturday. xo,

  2. What a beautiful clock...and the girl figurine is very sweet. I have a collection of Girl Birthday Figurines and she reminds me of them. Very nice post for Pink Saturday.