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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Looking a Little Like Christmas, But not Feeling like Christmas

Here's some pictures from little areas of our home.

Pine cone tree, ceramic tree, and almost tree shape from mini stockings

I am a nativity collector.  I put several in the kitchen, den, computer room, my bedroom, bathroom, had to pack several of them away.

This is in the front hallway, on a bookcase.  An advent tree, You put one ornament on the tree each day until Christmas.  You can catch a glimpse of an angel my dad got me on one of his travels when he was on a ship in the Navy.  She is stuffed with a crinkly outside material and she has a ceramic head.  This elf that I found among my christmas stuff that we have had for years.  And one cute snowman, me and my mom both adore snowmen.

I don't know why this one didn't come out clear.  It is the cutest moose rowing a canoe, with a christmas tree in the canoe.  this is on the door to the garage.

This is how my mom hangs the old german ornaments.  On a line that my dad strung across from one plant hook to another.  Some of these ornaments belonged to my Grandma.  The red one with the green line around it has a leather strap to hang it from.  The pink ornament pictured by itself is one of only a few left from when we lived in Italy.  and I like the big red, green, purple and gold one even though my mom said she doesn't know where it came from!!!  My favorites from the german ones are the pine cones and walnuts, and of course the little boys (not pictured, there is one in blue pants, pink pants and gold pants) and the angel.

My mom displays her cards across the curtain rods in the kitchen, excuse the very 70's wallpaper, Yikes!!!!

Here is a little flower arrangement that I made for my end table in the den.  Also a very hard to photograph glass tree with glass ornaments, very fragile.  That was a very lovely gift to me for the beginning of the holiday season.  Also an above the door wooden painted santa that was a long ago gift to my mom.

A few decorations that are in my room, on one of my book shelves.  If there is anything that I love to do besides crafting it has to be reading.  Right now I am reading fiction books about quilting, and I want to try quilting something awful, but I am making myself wait until the new year!!! And just use the crafts I already know for the holiday season, which reminds me I am way behind, I'd better scoot!!!

Hugs, to all René

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  1. Thank you so much for visiting today!
    No, I did not make the small dolls...I bought them...but they are handmade :)
    A wonderful Christmas to you and your family!