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Friday, January 13, 2012

WIP's Crochet and Knit

First let me say look past any yarn that you see hanging on, out of my wip's (works in progress) of which I have way to many, that is why I am listing them out, so I have a visual to see, and so I can make a plan on working on these wip's to get them to the complete F.O. (Finished Object)  I have a very bad habit of leaving weaving of my ends till I finish a project.  Which can be very overwhelming when you are complete only to look at all the ends to be put under.

Okay here I go, above is a granny rectangle that I started, after I came across a pattern.

Granny squares, two color, joined in white, I think it was going to be either a cushion cover or my footstool cover.  I still need both!!!

 Again more granny squares, probably after I had found instructions about how to put a border on joined granny squares that stayed flat instead of rippling.  This could be cushion cover or even a small blanket.

This would have to be for a cushion cover, as I don't have much more of that varigated purple, and purple is my favorite color.

This is a chair cover for my kitchen chair.  It is plastic and it makes me sweat and in the winter it is cold.  Still using a beach towel to sit on, and when my husband sits in my chair I have to pick up said towel from the floor and put it back on my chair.

I had an idea that I would like an afghan of this type square done all in white, as you see I have two done so far, this was started in the beginning of 2011.

Here is a shawl I am making for my mom.  I was going to use a flower hexagon, but somehow decided on this star instead.

Here is a round ripple that I started I don't remember when.  I did complete one as a baby blanket.

Here is a more recent wip, just started Wednesday for the Wool Eater CAL by Sarah London.  It took me Wed, Thur, Fri to complete the 6 round for the CAL for this week.  Above is the front (right side), and below is the back (wrong side).  I've already had some people think the back is the front.

Below is a granny ripple, that I added one triangle to, I'll take that out, want to put a row of granny squares there instead.

Below my attempt at the Japanese Flower Blog Explosion, due to seeing Lucy (Attic 24) Shawl , then from Suz's Place came the idea to fill in the gaps.  I hope I can remember what I did because it fit in there so nicely.

This was laziness, I was bagging up all my wip's and I bagged this one up and forgot to take a picture first, and I still had more pictures to take, and had already taken quite a few at that point.  I folded it in half and in half again for it to fit in the bag.  The date on the bag is just the date I attempted organization of wip's.

Don't remember what I was making out of this, but here are some lovely hexagons.

This is going to be an owl pillow cover, my mom likes owls, and this is the crochet version, there is also a knit version.

Below is a panel for a on the go afghan, after complete it rolls up and has handles for carrying it.  Stopped working on it when I ran out of one color, will have to find another yarn that works with it, or redo in a color that I have enough of to make the afghan. 

This is a scarf that started because I had this yarn in my room and I wanted to see how it was to knit with.  So I cast on stitches and just started knitting, also just grabbed some handy knitting needles.

Below is my first attempt at Lucy's Granny Stripe.

Here is another very current WIP, this is a belated Christmas gift for a male family friend.  I believe he will appreciate this.

I still have more works in progress to add, have to get some more pictures uploaded...I'll try to post part two on Monday.

Hugs, and a Happy Weekend to All!!!


  1. Oh my goodness... what a lot of WIPs! It's a great idea to take a photographic record of them all so that you can 'tick them off'... I shall look forward to seeing them 'ticked' then we can see the 'Ta-Dahs'!! Have fun! :)x

  2. Wow Rene! Lots of beautiful projects in the making and lots of fabulous colour combinations!