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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wool Eater and Rednesday

Here is my progress from the Wool Eater CAL.  This started last Wednesday.  The schedule was to crochet 6 rounds (12 actual rounds, as it takes two rounds to complete one color).  It took me Wed, Thur, and Friday to complete the rounds.  Then I worked on my other WIP's. 

Here are my pictures of the first 6 rounds.  The colors look very bright, I took the pictures around sunset outside on my ivy.  Top picture is the front and the second picture is the back.

Here it is Wednesday again I haven't checked the schedule for how many rounds for this week, but I started crocheting on it today during my crochet break.  I spent about 3 hours on it so far.  See in this picture it doesn't look as bright, this picture was taken inside after dark.  You can't tell as much differences in the orange and coral in this picture, I think it shows up better in the first week pictures.  Today I added shades of red (Happy Rednesday) I completed the maroon round, only about half way around the first round of red.  I think I am adding greens next.

I have already made several mistakes on this blanket (have you heard of making a mistake somewhere on a project so it is not "perfect"?  Well I already have two that are still in there and one that I had to FROG in the maroon after I had already started the next red.  Sadly two of the mistakes were made today (I don't know where my brain was) One mistake was made during the first week.  That mistake was I only had 11 stitches instead of 12 in one corner.  I worked that out by just going around one of the posts twice so it was okay from that point on!!  Now I'll tell you the third mistake next I accidentally crocheted 8 stitches in one of the corners instead of 12.  I'm so happy to say it was the last corner before joining rounds, so I didn't have to take out the red that I had already started on except where the mistake was.  Luckily I had a long enough tail so I didn't have to reattach more yarn to complete that round.

Here's a picture of my second mistake.  As you can see in my first two pictures I was very good and put under all my ends.  Well I was having a problem crocheting in between the stitches when I got to where I tied off my ends.  Of course at the time I didn't realize what the problem was.  Plus I didn't see what happened as a result of it until I was looking over it and wondering why this one section was sticking up funny.  Further investigation showed what happened and why it was hard to crochet in this one section.  When tying in my ends I had pulled the stitches together.  So you can see where on the one it looks like I have a row of blue and then the red, I ended up going under the area where I had sewn my ends under leaving that extra blue row and leaving it sticking out in a funny way.  Lesson learned, I will not sew in my ends from the last round completed until the next round is added.  Now for my final slight frustration in the following picture...

See two hooks??  The wonderful clover one that allows me to crochet for long periods without the arthritis in my hand to act up.  Well the whole first week I used that hook and struggled thru the part where you have to have so many loops on your hook at one time.  Okay I made it, after struggling with the first round today, and realizing the more I get into this the more struggling I will be doing.  I got out my next favorite hook which is a susan bates, however soon after I start crocheting I have to stop and take breaks, frequent breaks.  But that is okay, I love this blanket pattern and being part of this CAL.  And I look forward to the second part of the color round when I can put down the susan bates hook and use my clover hook.  So at least I get a break in between rounds.

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Hugs to all


  1. I keep seeing this Wool Eater CAL.. I wish I could join in too but I'm so busy! Your blanket is coming along beautifully...despite the slight hiccoughs! It looks VERY complicated.. :)x

  2. I love this pattern, it's so pretty isn't it?

    Thanks so much for joining me in the PCH project. I've added your link to my site and I'm here to wish you good luck on the journey!

    S x

  3. i love it so far! i think i might have to join in on this wool-eater thing!

  4. Hi, Your wool eater looks lovely. I've made a few mistakes on mine too including the 8 stitch corner but I just carried on and I don't think it shows too much - adds to the charm maybe? Thanks for your support with my new blog :)
    Maggie xx


    How comfy are they!