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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Plus Knit/Crochet/Paper Craft

Here are some pictures of my grandma's pepper plant.  All these stages were taken on the same day on one plant.  These are some kind of long sweet pepper, they turn red, orange, or yellow.

 Here are her two tomato plants, I can't believe how tall they are.  It is hard to show because there is a evergreen tree behind them.

 Here are some that were just picked this morning, YUM!!!
 Fresh cucumbers from somebody else's garden, made into cucucmber salad by Grandma.
 My Dad and Grandma went Peach Picking--YAY (Peaches are one of my favorite fresh fruits)  This one grew together, makes an interesting picture.
Here was one of the Fresh picked peaches cut up, Fresh Picked Blueberries (a gift of two huge zip bags full) Yummy and a necterine (that was not picked fresh--store bought)
Still working on my projects, had to try out something with this wool.
 Crocheted using the above wool
 Here is my knitting project, this is what I learned to knit on.  It is  Lion Brand Shawl of Gratitude pattern.  I have now completed almost 2 skeins of Softee Chunky yarn--it is grey and white twist.
 It is a little over half way done.  This is my carry with me pattern because I don't need to look at the pattern, you do one pattern on the first row and then you do one stitch across the second row and keep repeating.
 Lastly I needed a creative way to present $7.50 as a prize (Bee Theme) So I made two flowers by folding one dollar bills.  Four dollars on the first flower, 3 dollars on the second flower, the two quaters are crocheted into the yellow center of each flower.  Then I put both flowers in a vase.  And to enhance the bee theme I crocheted a yellow and black granny square and sewed it around the neck of the vase.  I wish I took pictures of that but I didn't.

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  1. MMMMMMM....everything looks so yummy.
    I didn't know we were both in VA. where are y'all at?