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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Is Friday here yet??

Well, Here I am again.  I am still trying to learn my way around this blog.  I found a few ways to add pictures, add different fonts, colors, add a button.  I still have a lot of work to make this blog look more attractive, but that will have to wait until another time.  Hoping my mom will have a chance to blog soon, so you see it is mom and daughter, not just daughter : )
 This picture was taken at a church.  One day I saw a pair of geese walking up the hill towards the cross, I sure wish I'd had my camera that day, that was too precious.

 These two pictures I had fun trying to take.  It was extremely hot and the wind would blow, the flags were facing the wrong way, then I would move and the wind would stop blowing, then it would change direction, and then where I was the flags were again flying in the wrong direction.  Took awhile, but finally got these two pictures.

 The above two photos were taken at another church.  I love the way they decorate with the flags for Memorial Day, Veterns Day, and Fourth of July.  They have flags all along all flower beds, entrance, all around the church all spaced this far apart, I wonder how many flags they have out, probably hundreds.
 These next photos are from a stop from todays adventures.  Love the Lily Pads
 Just a little while before these pictures it was pouring rain, now look at the sun shining on this water, almost blinding, (needed sun glasses!!)
 I liked how the water droplets from the rain were sitting on the lily pads, and the little pink bud
Zoom In...Love the close up of the pink flower, and the reflections in the water
 This just looked interesting how the sun was reflecting
 Love this with the relections, and does that white part look like clouds??
 Here is another bud, once I noticed the first flower, I realized there were many buds all over the water
 These were very curious to me, guessing this is after the flower is done
 More dry, turned into seed pods
 maybe just beginning??   Sorry these pictures are out of order

 Cat Tails!!!  Another thing that mezmerizes me.  I like how this picture turned out, with the lily pads in the background.
 While I was safely inside before I took the lily pad flowers crocheting with friends, it poured and thundered.  Took those pictures and drove home, pulled into our drive way and started seeing this on my windshield, Just made it.

 Took a quick few pictures of the sky, then decided to come in before my camera got too wet.  A while later poured again and more thunder and lightening.
 Here's something I made last night.  Inspired by several people.  Soon I will work on links with my posts, but Idea from Bunny Mummy framed flower picture.  I have wanted to try something like that for a time now, I made a card instead of a framed picture.  I used the flower pattern from Love Raymond, the leaf pattern from Easy and the stem idea from Jacquie (except I had to make it longer)  The middle of the flower is made from dark purple mohair and some sparkle(ly) can't get this word to look right.  The petals are from two strands of mohair held together, It is really a bright pinkish color, but in this picture it looks red.  The stem and leaves are made from a thicker mohair in an odd greenish color and red heart lime shimmer.
I punched a hole in the card where the crochet is and tied the pieces on.  Then covered it with this paper,  Unfortunately I had to tape the paper down, didn't have time to glue, and couldn't find the double stick tape, so I had to roll the tape.  I think it turned out good, for a first attempt at adding crochet to a card.

More crochet pictures to add next time, I thought I was adding them today, until I realized I hadn't taken the pictures yet, OOOPPss.

Already having fun with the photo scavenger hunt for this month, (Need to add that button)


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