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Monday, July 18, 2011

A random mosiac of my crafts

I finally am learning a few things.  I learned how to make a mosiac, I am sooooo excited!!!  I love looking at Lucy's mosaics and Alice's mosaics and other mosiacs on blogs I visit.  My goodness I can't believe how easy it is to do.  Did I tell you that I am excited about this???  Oh, I think I did.

This is just a selection of pictures of my crafts from the last year or so.  a fish ami, a crochet ring, a tote bag,
The bird and wreath inspired by Lucy, her patterns are great, a dish cloth, a dish towel, a market bag, a baby blanket, slippers and another dish cloth.

Well, I can't wait to do more with this mosiac maker, the possibilities are endless, however time is not.  I'm off to work on a few more of my July Photo Scavenger Hunt Photos.  I'll probably have to come back and post my progress on my Giant Granny Square Challenge blanket, and another wip blanket re-started, now that I have hunted out some bright colored yarns.

Hope your having a lovely day,


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